The "distillation" exhibit is an exhibit designed to illustrate the process of distillation and to show the physical equipment used.

   About the exhibit   

Distillation is a stand-alone exhibit composed of a 2m high glass case containing glass equipment to allow distillation to occur, specifically a boiler, distillation column and a water-cooled condenser. The distillation mixture is 50% water and 50% IMS (a mixture of ethanol and methanol) with the addition of a small quantity of iodine which colours the mixture brown.
The enclosure is vented to the outside of the building using a fan. Water is provided for the condenser and the waste water is allowed to flow into our normal drainage system. The output from the condenser flows back into the boiler, thus maintaining a constant composition. At the front of the exhibit is a single button which lets the visitor start the distillation.

There are also two temperature displays showing the temperature of the boiler and the temperature at the top of the column. The glass case is supported on a wooden box structure which contains a programmable controller that controls the boiler along with a flow switch that prevents operation of the boiler if the water to the condenser should fail.
The exhibit requires a 230v AC electrical supply to power the controls, boiler and the extract fan The producer can provide a detailed technical description only

   Technical Data   


stand alone

Energy Source:

230v AC








ca. 150kg


Catalyst, Widnes, UK